The product 'Fissacoin'

 The real thing 


Fissacoin is a decentralized currency which can be used on every live event.

Visitors order Fissacoin at home or at the event. They then pay with our unique pay system.

Because of the centralization of the Fissacoin system during the event, the value will not change.

Only after the event is held the acquired coins will be available in the decentralized environment of Fissacoin.

Thanks to the Fissacoin system it's possible to open a joint party together with friends. Everyone can transfer money from their private accounts to the joint one. Party pleasure without money issues.

Organisers can participate in Fissacoin without obligation. The system will be integrated with the event free of charge. Fissacoin uses a secondary centralized system wherein payments can be managed online and offline.

Long queues will vanish forever. The Fissacoin system is equipped with order forms to quickly and transparently communicate with a cashier.

It's possible to download and install the mobile application where a user/visitor can get the product (i.e. ticket or coins) beforehand. This information is then shared with the event for the sake of fast communication.